Evolving Fashion Trends – Then and Now

Well Well, not quite an understatement, if someone thinks that the fashion in India has come of age, and over the past few decades, there has been a complete transformation of thought to what as it was perceived how the latest trends in Indian fashion has transformed a global brand.

India is a country with a legacy of old age and wear known for producing some of the best works of the complexity of the world, but there seems to be a long way

How it All Began-

over the years has been dominated by popular Bollywood trends in the fashion scene Madhubala & # 39; s-Anarkali kurtas and churidars look like Mughal-e-Azam (1960), a purple embroidered sari Madhuri Dixit wore in Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Thus, by taking a cue form the rich and moving history and royal flavor was designed costumes for movies or social events easier for Indian designers and Indian clothes that mark all over the world.

Change the birth of fashion

Moreover, it was not until the birth of the '80s was the period when the first generation of Indian fashion designers began to emerge, including Satya Paul . Research shows that the plans and groups some of the world & # 39; s most talented designers, proves that- just part of some of these "new" Retro-culture trends in fashion yesteryears bring it back to the present time.

The "female factor" – The largest impact The changing fashion

Fashion & always women-centered, there is no doubt that when a woman dressed in traditional "shit" that makes him a sensual and beautiful. Of course, this explains the high degree to which Indian woman was the center of attraction to all that is fashion and social change.Today & # 39; Saree & # 39; no more to cut clothes for women that it once used to be, and even women in their 30s today find it does not wear a Saree as practical as it is not used to it. No wonder that the offices of an emerging India "sari Day" is celebrated as a special day. Thus, some of these "new" trends regarding today's sari aka 'lehenga' apt one simply reminds Cosmo culture, which is reminiscent of a bygone age.

fashion! Now & Then-

So based on the above it is clear that the influence of Western culture in the young fashion special touch, see today & # 39; and equipment that is trying to find the balance between the original and traditional type, which again demonstrates the blending of the old and the new. So, what was once worn as part of everyday life was shared clothing, it seems that now it is somewhat of a social get together clothes. In fact, the earliest signs of coming together of Western fashion and the Indian dressing was observed when the Indian government opened the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIR) Delhi by using the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

This was the a paradigm shift that the Indian fashion industry, as it now is an official recognition of the new forms of traditional style influenced by Western culture, which is the force generated many a lot of new fashion ideas and concepts, and other popular fashion accessories for women.

Therefore, new ways of isolating the stem came to be known for a day and now pairing up with a fusion wear a dhoti pants with the new trend, which is currently promoting, fashion houses are uber crowd. What was once a plain salwar kameez suits today Anarkali salwar suits are worn by many young women which make them look elegant and allows them to opt for bright colors and bohemian designs.

Well, it & # 39; s all coming back, fashion thrown back to the & # 39; retro charm pendants & # 39; A & # 39; 90s, & # 39; baggy pants & # 39; & # 39; 70s and even the & # 39; long-sleeved flashy & # 39; It can be traced back to the 18th century. With so much happening just seem to be spoiled for choice, because change is good and everyone wants to migrate the old and the new.

Thus Crop tops, shoulder pads and even Covers sees the return. Additionally, vibrant, healthy shoulders a huge trend among women in business & # 39; 80s and has a lot of corporate uniforms working women. And again, yoga pants, leggings and tight crop tops have become a common trend, I think the credit goes to the sporty appeal.

Thus, the new ideas do not succumb to the tradition of past philosophies which are brought from one generation to the next. Rather, the new idea is to befriend the ethnic style of a bygone era & philosophies regarding use them in the mood for today & # 39 in the modern sense; s fashion.

Finally, if I can say, "changing fashion a law change itself."

Source by Komal Agrawal

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