Western influence Indian Fashion Wear

Due to the British colonization of India, India & # 39; s culture is influenced by the West. The globalization of Indian fashion today is not a reflection of Western influence. Halter tops, handkerchiefs cut kurtas, etc. common today have become an integral part of a & # 39; s cabinet. The 28 states, 7 union territories and several dialects of India on the ground and big differences in each state has its own unique way.

Traditional sarees, blouses, salwar kameezes and necklines have undergone great changes. The latest trend in Indian fashion has a small West. Indian fashion designers are working every day to meet the new demands of the market. Let's see some Western influences in Indian dresses.

The short style of Kurtis

A few years ago, among bold prints of traditional Kurtis were popular with the masses. Although it is still in demand, but short style halter necklines Kurtis to give a tough competition to traditional counterpart. Previously worn with Kurtis chudidars but today they are wearing jeans to the latest Indian fashion. Better a celebrity to the girl next door, short style Kurtis anger. Floor length anarkalis in high demand these days.

Casual corrugated Crepes & A-lined skirts

lehengas always loved among the ladies all ages. traditional embroidered lehenga one of best Indian bridal wear. However, lehengas transformed casual crepe pleated and lined skirt, which would be useful for a party or social gathering in an informal meeting.

lehenga style Half Saree

Saree is the most traditional Indian attire. Sarees perfect to wear during weddings, religious functions and parties. However, the latest Indian fashion has seen the evolution of a new style that combines both saree sari and lehenga wear one. It can capture everybody & # 39; s attention. This type of sari lehenga style saree known half. This is quite convenient for those who are not familiar with the traditional sari hanging.

Strap Halter Neck & Blouses

past, and now, short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouse is very popular with the ladies. Today, however, blouses and halter neck straps style began inroads. These types of blouses have become very common and in high demand.


Denims are very popular with men and women in India. Earlier, party clothes was a common sight. Although it still has a lot of parties, but today, even in the offices, there is no dearth of people wearing jeans. A number of international brand jeans sold in India, and every day the market is witnessing the arrival of a new design.

There are always new styles that are developing over time. The western influenced Indian clothes make them fashionable and elegant. A new design can grow anywhere. It's up to us to adapt to the changing according to your own style, comfort, preference and choice.

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