What's avant-garde fashion?

According to the dictionary it is a current avant-garde artistic trends, which is fighting against the already known and accepted forms and traditions, suggesting a revolutionary formula. In other words, the avant-garde can be seen as an innovative art movements that came out against some of the spirit of rebellion and denial of traditionalism. It has become synonymous with innovation, progress and rebellion.

The fashion, avant-garde style is defined through personality. Many designers have been asked whether this style and they all have a certain term to define: a sophisticated, mysterious, scary, exciting, striking.The supplements must be very contemporary, unusual but stylish. All clothing must be matched with hats, belts and shoes of the most unusual shapes.

The models are intimidated because of what they wear too normal image. Avant-garde fashion means a small theater. Most of the time, the clothes can not be worn on the street, because they are a colorful style. They are very innovative and can be a bit shocking. Somehow, this style is not only to fashion. This means that the mix between fashion and avant-garde fashion art.The teaches women of a certain behavior.

is unusual avant-garde clothes, which attract the eye and not let fade into the crowd. In fact, when we discuss avant-garde fashion, do not just talk about the dress. In the end, the result must be a form of avant-garde. For this reason, the make-up should go hand in hand clothes.

The make-up is to express something new, unexpected, even exotic. The cab of the avant-garde style was tied to fashion items for men and specially for them.

At the beginning, women were the perfect model to highlight these innovative ideas. Little by little, the designers extended to humans. First, they wanted to surprise you with their clothes, and subsequently every little detail counts. An example might be the boots specifically for them. The mixture of styles, the first tendency of rejection, and the madness of wearing some reactions encountered.

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